Meeting Renee

Over the many years I have been doing energy work, I never cease to still be amazed and in awe of how things happen. Even when we have quantum physics and new science to assist with explanations, there is still a mystery and wonder as to how the world of vibration works and manifests in so many different ways.

Many years ago, I set up my own Higher Self to be my gatekeeper to Infinite Consciousness, and a mediator with whichever Higher Light beings wish to support the work I am doing. I know my own essence would never lie or mislead me, and so I worked to establish a definite dialogue and clear links with ‘my own voice’.

Whilst I have been told that St Germain and his lineage (all alchemists) are guiding the Diamond Light Grid work,  I give thanks to any who are supporting and ask my Higher Self to communicate whatever I need to know or be shown. I call my Higher, more expanded essence Big Jules, as she has the ability to see so much more of the bigger picture than I can! The guidance, experiences and learning as a result of working this way have been tremendous – not without challenges! – yet ultimately profoundly expansive.

So, all along I have been guided in many ways, including now ‘hidden’ messages being revealed through the vibrational components of my voice. Many who do voice work (toning, chanting etc) will know that the voice and its vibrations offer a powerful way of transmitting healing.

I have been told over the years by many people that my voice helps them to access a deeper meditative state that they are normally able to do. When I conduct guided group meditations, it very often happens that a number of people will be one step ahead of me in the process, even when I am running a completely spontaneous meditation. (In other words, not scripted, but alowing myself to be guided each step of the way). This would seem to indicate that there is a quality of energy accessed during the meditations I conduct, that helps others to access the same place I am ‘seeing’ as I talk through the process. Many people have profound and healing experiences as a result of this. (My own mother has said a few times that my recorded meditations don’t ‘sound like me’, and she had difficulty believing that it was in fact my voice on the recorded cd’s!)

So, with this in mind, I wanted to share with you something very special that happened just 2 weeks ago when we had some fellow energy workers over here for the weekend. We were all fascinated by what we experienced and it indicates that something does indeed happen and is communicated via the sound vibrations of my voice when I connect in with Big Jules.

I’ll call the couple who visited James and Jenny (as I haven’t checked with them whether they actually wanted their names published!).

On the Saturday of their visit, James brought down his computer and insisted that we needed to work with a Speech-text program he had on there. James actually said he didn’t know why he had brought his computer nor why he really felt he needed to show it to us! He works with it often and finds it a great help and fabulous time-saver, especially if you tend to be a 2-finger typist. So, we went through  the process of training the program to my voice, followed by some general reading to see how the program was connecting with my words. All seemed pretty good, with some obvious misinterpretations where the program ‘heard’ something different to what I had said, but this was clearly down to accents and we could see where this was happening.

I then began talking naturally about a couple of apsects of the Diamond Light Grid work, and things became very interesting. What was appearing on the screen was not what I was saying – in some places we could see obvious ‘mishearing’, but for the most part it looked like gobbledygook and so completely different.

However, as we went on, we noticed a pattern beginning to emerge. One of the words that kept on coming up was Renee, as well as Chamonix (a place known as Chamonix Mont-Blanc in the French Alps. Mont Blanc means White Mountain.). There were other references to places, dates, names and numbers that didn’t sound anything like what I had been saying! When we became aware of the frequency with which the name Renee was appearing, all 4 of us had an amazing flood of warm, heart energy as well as a strong sense of a female presence and the colour indigo. We realised that Renee was indeed a presence whose energy was communication vibrationally through my words. It was a very loving energy, and I also note here that the colour Indigo has a connection or link in with the diamond work (in addition to being a very calm, soothing and protective energy).

The following day, we decided to do some more work to see what would happen and we could feel that the energy was  different. We commented that Renee didn’t seem to be there.  Not 3 minutes later while I was talking about something else, we had “Renee:found” appearing in the text, followed closely by “disarming the outskirts”, neither of which I had come close to saying! This was accompanied by a fleeting connection to the same heart energy we had felt the day prior. So Renee was around but busy with other tasks, and so her presence wasn’t felt as strongly.

We haven’t figured out all of the coded information yet, but upon checking out the meaning of the name Renee, have found that it means :

Rebirth, To be Reborn. It also vibrates to the number 11.

This is particularly interesting in light of the new program by diamondlightworld that I was guided to initiate this year – the monthly Diamond Integration Program. It entails meditative processes designed to support us in rebirthing a new timeline for ourselves and this planet – anchoring in our new consciousness. Ultimately it is all about opening up the heart, and linking the heart with the mind through the essence of the diamond. This is a follow on from the 333 meditation of December and aligns with the prevailing energy each month. Each monthly alignment is also released on the 11th of the month!

There have been some fascinating goings on recently that I look forward to sharing with you in future posts. This is just one of them.

So, I’d like to introduce you to Renee and if you’d like to connect in with this beautiful energy then take a look at the subscription information at . The voice is an amazing instrument rich with vibrations that can either heal or harm…….when we focus on healing and loving words, this is the vibration that brings a new level of harmony to our energy fields. Why not join me (and Renee) on this amazing healing journey?!

I also have a fabulous promotion on my website at the moment and that is the 3 original meditations I recorded are available for download for an irresistably low price. If you want to get a feel for how I work, you can’t go wrong with this really special offer

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