Heads Up : Feeling the Wait

by Iris Barkhuisen and Barbara Korte

Wow.. what a ride!!…The first energetic (magnetic) storm, has only just passed, and the next is already here! They seem to be coming one after the other with only a few days of rest in between to take a breath.

As some of you might have felt, the heaviness that was predicted in the last newsletter did not all take place in the potency that was expected. Things did not escalate the way they could have in the Earth and with in us, even though I’m sure that much has been rattling through you. Many people will find emotional and mental challenges and a lot of the times things around you will simply not feel real. This will last roughly until mid February.

As you have seen governments have been trying to keep the lid on things and found themselves unable to do so, causing many people to stand up for their rights. Only part of what has been going on has made the news. This has been caused by the magnetic storm that has been hitting us.

What a magnetic storm does, is amplify everything within you. It enlarges everything… the good, but also the things you weren’t too happy about. If you have things you don’t like and you didn’t speak out, you will now find it impossible not to do so. On the other hand if you feel in the core of your being that you are content with things, you will feel this and amplify that. If you have been feeling somewhat unsettled, then I guess part of you is telling you to listen to what you did not hear before. Something still wants to be heard, seen or acknowledged. Don’t blame yourself for any thought because you will only amplify that, but see all the good in you and around you. Don’t deny all the other things going on, but simply don’t project those feelings into your possible future. Leave them in the here and now. To be seen and dissolved.

Because this magnetic charge is tangible everywhere, the cells in your body are also awakening to a struggle for their survival as well. Your body is resisting this strange and unfamiliar energy that it is experiencing and it can bring up the best and sometimes the worst in people. Your body is actually changing it structure from the inside out.

Two aspect that might be helpful to this process:

1. being grounded in the here and now, in the reality of life as it is. Don’t try to fly away from this planet and its challenges, but realize we have to do this ‘task’ here on earth now.

2. allow your body and mind to react differently then you are used to it doing. All resistance will only make the process last longer. You can think of the fight of the caterpillar that is becoming a butterfly. De strange new cells coming to be in the caterpillar will feel alien and the caterpillar will fight them off, until it gives up the struggle and the butterfly is born.

With all this going on, in your hearts you are already longing for spring; a time when all this unsettledness will be over. You want to move out of this silence and be open and free with nature. However, for flowers to bloom, they need time to hibernate and get strong through winter. Now is your time of getting ‘strong’. Use this time wisely. Don’t jump ahead to manifest that what you felt was possible in the beginning of January. Take time to feel it in your heart. Feel if it feels right ALL the way. If there is doubt, even the smallest of doubts…. wait a little longer, because you WILL manifest what you think. And if you wait for your heart to come in alignment with that what you wish, whatever you manifest will be stronger and better than you can imagine. So take this time to weigh all the options, feel it through (not think it through) weigh the options in your heart. Set a goal and wait to see what life presents. Don’t jump at the first opportunity.. wait.. until you feel that your heart is ready to move. ___________________________________________________

I have been told by the Light Beings at this time, they are ‘flying blind’… that is to say.. they can no longer predict anything that will or will not happen as actions on this planet. The only thing they can put to us, is how we will most likely be feeling.

The unpredictability of the future is because we have entered the complete freedom of action. So nothing can or will happen unless we choose it to be so. It is therefore no longer possible to predict anything that will happen apart from that fact that it can happen. On the other hand the energetics of the planet are taking place regardless of how we would want it to. These energetic changes, such as the fluctuations in the magnetic field, effect how we feel, and since this is something that is going to happen no matter how we act on it, it is possible to help us see what is going on with what we are feeling.

I think a beautiful example is the fight for freedom in many African countries, and as we have all seen on the news that started in Tunis and is now spreading in other countries like Egypt. They have known things to be not in alignment for a long time, but now there hearts are unable to deny this feeling any longer. This can be the positive effect of the fight for freedom, but also different thoughts clashing with each other for both feel the truth to be in what they feel. Perhaps those situations can be an example for us that we have a choice to see: the freedom we can have, or the struggle of different thoughts clashing… this choice is in every moment of the day..

So what do you choose? ~~~~~~~~

Weekly updates are a co-creation with the Light Beings, the Faerie Realms and Barbara Korte and Iris Barkhuysen.

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