The Sacred Mirror – Gillian McBeth Louthan

 I found this piece in Gillian McBeth Louthan’s latest newsletter which struck a cord with me, as I had created a special Power Process in June, using the sacred mirror. Gillian also talks about the Day out of Time we are fast approaching and how we can use these concepts to prepare for the coming influxes of energy through the 8:8 stargate. Interesting reading….Enjoy, Julie 

We are ancient galactic of birth, We are Sirian of Origin. We are beyond your measure of time and space.  We are beyond your understanding of what is genetic.  We are what the light yearns to become in awareness.  We are genetically encoded within the body of all earth. We live deep within the ancient flesh of human beings.  We come forth at this time as the alignment of the heavens and stars usher you into a Trans-portal of self. there comes a solar dimensional instability. All of the holographic nature of earth fluctuates and fades in and out of perception and sight.

Earth stands at a sacred mirror portal.  The key that unlocks the portal is your own true reflection.  The framework key to unlock the portal is the reflection of Love in all her many splendored flavors: self-love, earth love, heart love; In your mind’s eye, see this mirrored portal.  As you look deep into your own reflection, what do you see what do you fell?  Is their beauty that stands in front of you?  Is their joy?  Is their distaste?  Is their love?

Between now and August 8th, do all that you can to place yourself in a garment of self love, for it is the canoe that will take you to the island  that you so seek refuge upon.  It is a solitary paddling that you embark upon in a misty horizon that you walk into, in a land where your perceptions are distorted.  As with Alice and the Looking Glass you fall down the rabbit hole of this portal.  You look in the back of the mirror that holds your reflection.  Who do you see? Is it a you that once was?  Or is it the you that you yearn to become?

The next placement of momentum takes the form of a labyrinth, a point of going around and around in a Fibonacci spiral to find the nautilus of you.  At that point of inner centeredness you will drop and rise simultaneously creating a dimensional flux, a bend in your future, a bend in your planet, and a bend in the light.  At that point of bending, you will then be offered an opportunity that comes only when you have initialized the codes of self-love.  Then and only then will you be allowed entrance into the center of your universe.

Within you is a time safe trigger that is waiting for number conjunctions to activate, and to awaken dormant truths.  The doorway is you, The time has always been now.  The entrance code is the energetic signature of your love for yourself.  It is not a handprint.  It is not an eye scan.  a heart print I what allows you entrance.

Your planet is known as the seeker. For as one is born into the flesh, one begins to seek; you seek yourself, you seeks your heart, you seek your mission, you seek your partner in life and love.  And when one is fulfilled and has accomplished all of that, then one continues to seek – for nothing of earth can fill you, nor has it ever.  So, always you are seekers.  Never resting enough to taste the nectar of what you have manifested, of what you have created, or what has come to you – forward moving is your species and your light.  For never will the light be fulfilled until it sups upon itself.  All the external doorways and the dimensions that you seek outside of yourself through crystals, through books etc; but give you a taste, a spoonful of the very thing that you truly need.

The Hall of Records that is hidden within the belly of the Sphinx, within the belly of the Inverted Pyramid, is also hidden within your own belly.  It lies hidden from the (solar plexus) belly button down.  For you all have cleared the debris from your heart, from your speaking, from your 3rd eye, from your crown – but you do not touch the tainted place, the dirty place from the solar plexus down – the basement of emotional debris, sexual debris, anger, and fear.  It is within that subterranean chamber that you will decide how much love you can exhume and resuscitate – the parts of you that do not want to be seen, do not want to be loved, do not want to be known, do not want to be touched.  That is the part of you that you will enter into it with compassion as if visiting a home for the elderly or visiting an asylum of mental instabilities.

Look at each part of you that is tainted and tattered and shattered and shredded and angry and dirty.  Love it as if you would the people on the street that just needed a chance to be beautiful again, needed a chance to be healthy again, and needed a chance to be balanced again.  For everything above the waist is lily white, is it not?  You have forgotten to do the laundry for eons in the lower chakras.  You scooted it to the back of your plate and now it is cold and stale and moldy, and you are about to ingest it to gain entrance to the Heart of the Light.

Then when you stand in that mirror reflection, you will know who you will be activated with codes to open the doorway to the next level of your light, a place where light bends just for you.  A place where light intersects just for you.  The Mirror comes as a memory point.

(This July 25, is the “The Day out of Time” this is the 365th none day of the year.  It is a day for sacred pause and celebration before the start of the Mayan New Year July 26th. This year’s Day Out of Time is extra powerful and coded with White Rhythmic Mirror, the second clear sign on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan, White Mirror represents the Hall of Mirrors, where you can face your own reflection and see the truth about yourself. As a mirror, White Mirror merely reflects what is, In the Hall of Mirrors there is no good or bad, no right or wrong – only reflection. To the Maya, White Mirror is the knife that cuts you free from that which binds you.  The greatest gift of the sword is the power of forgiveness. A deep freedom emerges from forgiveness. The sword of White Mirror symbolizes truth, light, and the positive use of power)

The portals separate those who will and those who will not. They separate those who choose to move forward and those who choose to stay in comfortability.  This choosing is not something decreed by a finger of God that is pointed at each individual.  It is something decreed by each individual.  Stop waiting on your lives.  They are here.  It is now.  We are the Council Sirian of Light and Sirian of Origin.  Our blood, our fiber, our genetic encoding runs within you each and every one of you.  the Star Sirius will broadcast to you a genetic remembrance. creating an activation of a Sirian template. A remembering, like a mother board that speaks from the heart.  We leave. link to original article

Note : In June I created a special Power Process called, “The Power of the Mirror”, which is absolutely perfect for the Day out if Time and welcoming in the new (true) Mayan Year. Find it at  and scroll down  the page, or purchase using the link below. The process includes a special Diamond Light Code.

The Power of the Mirror 

mp3 + Light Code


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KRYON CHANNELLING – The Recalibration of Dark & Light

This Kryon channelling was given earlier this year in February, however, it is highly relevant to what we are experiencing at the moment. With the increase in energetic ‘dross’ being purged from the grids (planetary and personal) right now, it is important that we hold our personal space and awareness with wisdom and power. The work we are doing with the Black Diamond has a huge role to play in this recalibration.  I have only provided a short extract from the whole transcript, but the link is provided for you to view the entire channelling……Julie x

The Recalibration of Dark and Light – Kryon Channelling, 25 February, 2012

The Energy of Recalibration

We wish to continue the series that we are calling, “The Recalibration of All Things”. We have given you information in the past about the recalibration of the planet, of humanity and even of the Universe. Now we speak of the recalibration of dark and light and what it means to you.

So before I begin, I must define what I mean by dark and light and then I will also define what I mean by the new 2012 energy. When I speak about dark and light to you, what do you think about? I’ll tell you what many are trained to think about: They’re trained to think about evil and good and bad. They’re trying to put these things in the appropriate boxes where they were taught they belong using linear thinking. They will turn to the mythology that taught them about an entity with a tail trying to capture your soul and other mysterious entities around that work for that main evil entity.

So I will tell you again: The entity that is after your soul is mythology, dear ones. It doesn’t exist in your reality. But you might say, “Wait a minute, Kryon. Are you telling me evil doesn’t exist?” No, dear ones, I didn’t say that. What I’m telling you is that all the darkness on this planet has come from Human Beings. You don’t need to assign energy to a mythological creature to have evil on the earth. The darkest of the dark can be created by the Humans if they choose to do that. Dark power can be created because Humans are powerful and can manifest it. Darkness is not that hard to manifest.

However, we have told you before that the light/dark balance of the planet is what is at hand. Those who carry light in the dark room will not have darkness around them, for the definition of darkness is the absence of light. But if there are only a few who carry the match, there’s going to be a lot of darkness. So you are subject to that, for you will walk around in whatever light balance is created by humanity.

You might call it a system. All of life is affected – all of it – by the light and dark balance of where humanity decides to place this balance. The definition of dark and light has to do with the Human consciousness balance, since it is the Human Being who creates dark and light for the planet. It’s a concept. So this is the subject of this message: What is the new balance of the earth energy going to mean to you, personally, today?

Second definition: The 2012 energy is a marker, a seeming perception of a time frame that you have now passed and are well into, which gives a confluence of energy permission to change reality. The earth, being Gaia, begins to shift with you and for you, and the energy of the planet moves into areas that it never has before.

The Movement of the Kundalini on Earth

I gave a channel in the area you call Peru. We talked about the prophecy of the ancients, which was called the movement of the feathered serpent. This has also been called the centering of wisdom on the planet. Some have called it the movement of the Kundalini. The Kundalini is an energy that is always associated with movement. It is also often associated with procreation, and the metaphor is therefore dealing with the rebirth of humanity.

Civilization itself is at stake within this movement, and you’ve passed the marker – an alignment that many said would never happen. This is the fifth time you’ve been through this opportunity and now, dear ones, you’re headed for the potential of peace on Earth.

Twenty-three years ago, we told you this could happen and that the potentials were strong for it. Now, all that is around you is struggling with it, for the shift is here. I’ll say this over and over: The old energy of darkness dies hard, screaming and struggling to keep what it has had, and it struggles with its own demise. So that is the energy we speak of now, and the subject is the Human consciousness balance between dark and light. Many have called this duality.

How does this new balance affect you?

Let’s start with the personal, then we’ll go to something bigger and then something even bigger. We’ll end with a prediction we’ve never given before – a potential that has arisen only recently.

Dear ones, I am Kryon. I give you information of love about the planet and your own energy. I never give you information that has not already been generated by the potential of Human consciousness. Quite often the predictions are given and then they happen. When they do, you consider that fortune telling. It is not. It is energy in that random, chaotic place you called quantum, weighing the potentials of what could happen regarding your lives and the earth. So the future is driven by the potentials that you have created with your own consciousness as a civilization on the planet – not fortune telling, but a measurement of what you are creating.

Twenty-three years ago, we saw the potentials of today, for you were starting to develop these very things and the seeds were being planted for what you are seeing now. It’s beautiful and difficult at the same time. Change is always accompanied with difficulty. Even the most well-balanced Human will say, “I have found my balance and I’m pleased with this balance.” Then someone comes along and says, “Well, we’re going to change things.” That’s when that well-balanced Human yells, “No! I’m balanced. Don’t change anything!” For change means you’re going to put a weight on one side of that balance scale and you’re going to have to learn to shift so that you center again. That’s always unpleasant and a lot of work. But that’s not what you’re going to be doing this time. This time it’s even harder! We call it recalibration.

Let me tell you what it means by giving you a short review of a message [channelling] I gave recently. In an older energy, you went about protecting yourselves from darkness. If you were a healer, you protected yourselves from those who might have imbalance, psychological problems, even disease in their bodies. Then you often did a number of things to make sure you were protected. There was a process, a procedure for that. So I’m telling you right now that this is gone.

This is a review. If you’re constantly creating light, then darkness does not have a chance. We’ve said this over and over and now it comes full circle to you personally: Wherever you go, darkness can’t touch you. Are you listening to me? It can’t touch you. The essence of your light is the love of God and you are broadcasting it, Lightworker – broadcasting it! There’s no dark thing that can get in there as long as you’re broadcasting light!

Now let me tell you a guaranteed way where you can stop broadcasting light and open yourselves up to go backwards instead of forward. It’s by saying, “I can’t do it. Who am I? I’m not worthy.” There will be many spiritual leaders who will tell you you’re not worthy. They will tell you that you were born dirty and unworthy to even talk to God. They will tell you that you have to suffer to get the attention and approval of God. However, God is in you, and even the master of love told you that. Therefore, you are not born dirty, but born magnificent! If God is in you, then light is in you.

We move on to point two: Drama, anger, frustration. There’s a lot of it. So when you leave this room, how much of that are you going to participate in? It depends upon the duality, doesn’t it? If you are a Lightworker, a lighthouse on this planet that changes the balance of light everywhere you walk, then you’re going to be given immediate power over anger, frustration and drama. Power over it! Now, you can’t change the people around you. You just can’t. They will flail and do whatever they want to and they may go into anger and drama. They may even try to push your buttons. I think you know who I’m talking about. I know who’s here and who is reading. They’ll do it in order to get control over you, and if they can affect you, you’ve fallen for it, haven’t you?

If a person can get dramatic, if they can get angry enough, if they can push your buttons, then they just won the light/dark battle. For years, this has been a struggle because the balance of dark and light has always teetered in the middle of balance, but so often favored the dark. The dark was easy and blind. During these years, the Lightworkers had to work hard to gain the upper hand for themselves, so they would not be affected by the other. I hope you understand what I’m saying. It has been an upstream swim for the Lightworker!

Now, however, energy is being delivered to you as this earth shifts, which is going to make it far easier for you, the Lightworker, to be in control of emotions, no matter what is around you. Then you can stand there with all the angels on your side, while others try all they want to affect you, but you won’t need to react. I challenge you to do this, for there’ll be those of you who walk into the workplace in a couple of days and may have a challenge. It is the way of it. The old balance will still be there trying to assert itself in an old way, not being aware that you’ve changed. So what will your reaction be? Can you begin to take your power?

What happens when one person takes the high road? Eventually, that road is where the other person will want to be also! It’s well lighted and attractive. You don’t just change yourself by creating light. What you do on this planet is seen by all. Every single, small victory at home or at work will help you walk in a peaceful way where you didn’t before. That victory is seen by everybody, and you seem better balanced.

All of us on this side know what you have done! Listen to our applause when you walk from a place and know you did it: You didn’t fall for it this time, and you are not affected anymore. Some of you know of what I speak. Anger, frustration, drama – it doesn’t have to be in your life at all.

Perhaps you’ve decided, as you walk from place to place, that you may have to get out of town, get out of a relationship, get out of a job, for things to settle for you. Now I want you to rethink that idea for a moment. What happens if things start to change for you personally and the things that bothered you before now don’t? That changes the conditions, doesn’t it? Now you can be in the same situations you always were, and yet it’s completely different. You’re not frustrated anymore. You don’t get angry anymore, even as those around you continue to spin in drama and unrest. You actually have more wisdom due to it and can manifest better.

I’ll tell you what may eventually happen. Those spinners will see you, and eventually some are going to come to you in private and say, “How do you do it? I wish I didn’t have to spin as much. I see that you’ve changed. For some reason, you’re not bothered anymore. For some reason, you have a smile and I can see the peace of God in you and I want it. You don’t gossip. You don’t make other people wrong. You have an honoring for all people when you open your mouth and speak. I can hear it. Something changed in you and I’d love to know what it is.” Then, my dear Human Being, and only then, should you open up and say, “I’ve found something that I never thought existed. I found the peace of God inside me.” That’s powerful, and your actions prove it.

Number three: Are you aware of how your body is shifting? It’s allowing for you not only to heal yourself, but to feel better as you do it. This creates a cellular communication where you don’t age as much. Your body will stay younger when the chemistry doesn’t have to deal with anxiety.

The Planetary Balance

A summary: On this planet, the balance of what has happened, what Humans have done through the ages, stays here. It is recorded quantumly in what is called The Crystalline Grid. Everything that takes place on the planet, which Humans create, stays here as energy. Every situation where energy is created stays in The Crystalline Grid. If there’s a dark energy created by Humans, The Crystalline Grid emanates darkness. If there’s a light energy, it emanates light.

For 23 years and the last 18, in particular, you have changed the dark/light balance of Gaia. In the process, your DNA starts to shift. It is quantumly tuned to The Crystalline Grid. That is to say, it then starts to shift not only in you but also in every baby that’s born. You might say that the Human DNA field “looks around” at birth and picks up the energy that is given to it by The Crystalline Grid. That, then, is the starting energy it will have for life. Therefore, what you do now affects the energy of the earth and even the consciousness of humanity to come. Think about it. For eons, nothing has changed. Human nature was always the same and, therefore, you never saw anything but war and frustration. This is now starting to change, and the Lightworkers on the planet have created it.

The children are changing. They’re different. Some of them are taking on quantum attributes. Many adults laugh at this concept, as they sit and enjoy a better earth, not even acknowledging the considerable change before them, since they are in their own box of reality. But that’s what’s going on, and it’s because the dark and light balance of the earth is affecting newborn DNA. History is not repeating itself, and instead of the planet’s population continuing to separate and split itself apart, it is attempting slowly to put itself together. But it happens over generations, so it’s not as obvious as something that happens on a week-to-week basis, which Humans would rather look at in their impatience and intellectual pursuit of a fast-moving reality.

However, what this means is that you can stay here longer, no matter what you’ve been told. Longer life is in your grasp – a lot longer. I’m talking to somebody who needed to hear that. We’ve given instructions on creating pure intent. We’ve told you that if you start a process of belief, where you literally go inside and become one with that which is your innate [innate is the quantum intelligence of biology], then you are starting a process where you are beginning to move into a more multidimensional Human, the true reality of all the matter in the Universe. Being 3D is not a normal reality. It’s the reality of a closed system of thinking and begets only what it knows instead of moving into what it can imagine.

Innate intelligence? Why would you use kinesiology unless you wanted to know something you don’t know? Innate is the energy that you contact when you do muscle testing. Innate is the key. The dark and light balance of the planet is starting to move into a lighter balance, and then it becomes easier for you to contact your own cellular structure and start a process that will operate by itself, as long as you continue to desire light in your life.

For the rest of the transcript, please visit:

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Cleaning up with the “Black” Diamond


With the intense energy influxes of May and June along with all the planetary alignments, it has been a period of deep re-calibration of our energy systems (and the planetary grids). The highs of the first week of June have given way to a resurgence of old ‘stuff’ that has been trapped in our psyche for not just this lifetime, but over generations and multiple lifetimes.

Anger, panic, anxiety, fatigue, frustration, grief and loss are all bubbling up and the energies are coursing through the planetary grids. Over the past week, there has also been a really deep inertia – a stickiness and simply no energy to create or move forwards. I was trying to find a word that described the energy that is prevailing as it is deeper than mere tiredness or exhaustion, and inertia was the word that popped in to consciousness. It’s not personal, even though it feels like it! It is a collective outpouring of all the distorted paradigms, miasms and belief systems that have created this matrix of our reality for eons. It is literally like wading through treacle and the energy sensitives can really feel it. If you have been laid flat by the energy this past week or so, then you are absolutely not alone.

I know we have heard this all before, but it is yet another round of transformation of our inner beings. You may also have been experiencing increased internal heat during this time, especially at night. Your energy system is working hard to convert the crud that is being lifted from the depths of your being – the alchemical work of creating the diamond! As a chemist in my ‘previous life’, the analogy that springs to mind for me is like that of a distillation unit. As you apply heat to a compound of chemicals, the lighter fragments or chemicals evaporate off first and as the temperature increases, you get progressively heavier and denser fractions being lifted off until what you are left with is a semi solid sludge at the bottom. This requires a LOT of energy and work to then transform it into something different.

What we are dealing with right now is the sludge! The level of energy frequency in our solar and galactic environment is increasing to provide us with the means to be able to reform this sludge – and it is hard work. What doesn’t help is that I have been acutely aware of an increase in astral entity activity over the past 2 weeks, which is indicating that these so called negative ‘entities’ are having a field day with the surge in negative emotional    energy. It’s a bit like a global psychic attack.

For those of you who may have sensitive vision and the ability to see beyond the scope of normal vision, look out for blotches or vague clouds of slightly murky yellow around. I have been seeing this for a number of years now & they are always associated with negative astral activity. Many of you are familiar with the electric blue, white or violet sparks of light that represent Higher Presence – the negative astral energy doesn’t appear as sparks, but as a yellowish cloud or blotch. It is the residue of their energy signature.

If you are able to see or perceive this, then take note of what is happening around you emotionally at the time. You will be able to recognise a pattern of lower emotional activity and the appearance of this energy signature. This is not about fear or judgment – it just is what it is. Our ability to tune in and be aware of all that is happening around us gives us the ability to utilise all the tools at our disposal and really step into being the powerful beings that we are.

Earlier on this year, I spoke on my radio show about doing a global ‘Black Diamond’ meditation – well the time is now, and the date I have been given is July 15th. I am not aware of any particular astrological influences at this time, so if anybody has any insights as  to a significance around this date, please do let me know. What I understand is that July marks the beginning of the actual ’2012′ year in Mayan cosmology, so it could simply be that the time is right in preparation for a new cycle.

So, please will you join me on 15th July for a live teleseminar and global ‘clean up’ where the focus will be on providing support for the many layers of our energy systems, activating key melanin compounds in our cells (melanin exists at every level of our being as a modulator of light – it is not only present in the skin), and using the Black Diamond to help clear the planetary grids.

When : 15th July

Time : 5.00pm UK, 12.00 noon EST, 9.00am PST

Full teleseminar with introduction to the Black Diamond, Personal Field clearing and global grid clean up.
60 – 90 minutes long (£15)


An Introduction to the Black Diamond

The first time I saw this dark, silent diamond was when I was preparing to conduct a remote alignment session in my therapy room a number of years ago. As I always set the intent and ‘program’ for an alignment session, to say that I was surprised by the appearance of this dark diamond in the healing space would be an understatement!

My first reaction was to instantly re-consecrate the space and the intent and then sit down ready to begin again. The black diamond was still there! I then proceeded to ask my Higher Self what the function and purpose was of this diamond in the healing space. I hadn’t asked for it, I had simply invoked the assistance of Advanced Beings for the highest outcome of all concerned in the session.  So, I was a bit puzzled when it wouldn’t go away! This diamond was simply poised and slowly rotating in a space to the left of the client, and looked like a very deep smokey quartz crystal.

What happened then, was I was guided to begin the remote activation and alignment session, and was shown that this particular alignment session involved assisting in the release of an attached entity which I could see connected to the client through an energy cord. This was the first time I had actually seen a ‘negative entity’ attachment as such, so it was very interesting for me. I felt none of the fear I may previously have felt about dealing with this kind of ‘stuff’ and was completely calm. All the diamond strengthening work I had been doing for myself personally had brought me to a place of knowing that I could actually deal with it, and I felt completely supported by my Higher Self. In fact, I was then guided into a process that not only released the attachment with love, but revealed the function of the ‘Black Diamond’ as an important part of the process.

As the entity was released, it was literally guided into and enclosed by this enigmatic, dark crystalline structure. Once no longer inflated with energy from it’s host, the entity revealed  itself to be simply a bag of fear, used to the dark and feeding off our fear. The dark crystal provided a safe space to enable transmutation of the negative energy associated with the entity. At this point it may be useful to remember that the colour black is simply a compilation of ALL light frequencies (seen and unseen), and that not all light is visible. Within this womb like space are all the frequencies needed for transmutation and transformation.

It was another lesson for me in trust!! Shortly after that, I had a student who called me about a ‘dark diamond’ that she saw spontaneously and she wasn’t sure what it was – she didn’t feel afraid, but also didn’t understand what it was she was seeing. At least I was able to explain to her what it was and the purpose it served.

It was also interesting that while I was discussing this aspect of the diamond work in a workshop in 2011, I learned that in types of Shamanism, negative entities are often ‘entrapped’ by the Shaman in a dark crystal.

This beautiful, deep dark diamond is a ‘sentry’ of sorts – a balance for the crystal light diamond, and it serves to cleanse, absorb and transmute negativity from both the environment as well as your personal space.



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Our Consciousness and the Venus Transit 2012

On the 5-6 June we will witness a rare celestial event that will not be seen again in any of our generations, as Venus makes her final pass over the face of the sun. The eight-year pairing of transits will only happen again in 105 years time.

In my opinion, the energetics of this time are perhaps more significant from a perspective of our evolutionary journey than the oft touted 21 December 2012. When we look more deeply into the gifts and opportunities afforded by the alignment of Earth-Venus-Sun, as well as other planetary positions, we see how important it is for our minds and hearts to be focussed over this time.

One of the most revealing bodies of work is by David Tresemer, whose book “The Venus Eclipse of the Sun, 2012′  provides an extensive analysis of this specific combination of alignments over 5-6 June 2012. His work is thorough and addresses the implication for world events as well as the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual impacts for humanity.

One aspect that has extreme relevance as much of the UK prepares to celebrate the Royal Diamond Jubilee, is the effect that Venus in her transit has on the amplification of thought forms. In his book, these are also referred to as “Erotic Phantasms” – erotic is simply a term derived from the essence of Venus as Eros, and connects with our passions, desires and loves (not in a sexual sense, but in a sacred sense).

With the focus on the Jubilee celebrations over this weekend, this amplification effect is in the shadow of what Venus represents – ‘empty’ rituals that do not serve our sacred essence, a devotion to thought forms not generated by our Highest Essence, but given to us by others. It is an amplification of a world that flows with the status quo, littered with materialistic and ego driven desires.

We can utilise this opportunity to energise a new vision that holds the Highest outcome for all in sacred relationship with Self. In a world where sacredness and connection with the Divine has become the self-appointed role of monarchies and religion, any energy we give to the thought forms produced by events like this, means we give tacit permission for the TPTB to continue their subjugation of the Human Spirit.

What we do and our level of awareness as to what we are thinking is paramount over the coming days, weeks and months if we wish to ‘install’ a new paradigm for the human race.

A short summary from David’s book is given below :

There are ways to meet the opportunities of this event, methods that are valuable all the time, but especially now. I have written about this in my Venus Eclipse of the Sun book, but here I give a summary. If this is too brief, go to the book (via

1. All of our pictures of the world are powered by energy. Giordano Bruno termed these “erotic phantasms.” Eros – passion, desire, love/hate, Venus! – motivates and energizes phantasms – pictures of this-is-just-the-way-it-is, dreams, visualizations, ideas, world-view…. Rudolf Steiner described the same dynamic, though with less colourful terms. “Erotic phantasms” are not to be banished – as in “do away with all desire” – but more importantly to be recognized and worked with actively.

2. Eros/Venus will be stimulated and made turbulent by the eclipse on June 5/6 (the exact time is less important as we are in this rare celestial event – by anticipation – right now, and will be for some months.) That restless eros will seek images to empower.

3. Marketers, especially of technological gadgets, have used and will use this undirected eros. Going-with-the-flow on your part accepts that the world will be imagined by corporate marketers.

4. You too can direct that energy of eros – can meet it – by creating pictures of the ideal for yourself and for the world – not vague woo-woo pictures but rather very specific and detailed pictures of anything that arouses your interest.

5. For example, with the situation at Fukushima still teetering on the edge of its largest explosion, you could imagine that the explosion does not happen, that heroic scientists work out how to remove the fuels to a safe place, and that all species develop a capacity to learn from and transform radioactivity. In terms of the mythic images in the VenusEclipse book, this means envisioning the taming of the magical fire-bird to subdue its expressions on the earth. Be as specific as possible.

6. If you cannot formulate new pictures – if the world as you perceive it holds you in its thrall, then you can focus on the picture of how-things-are-right-now-as-you-perceive-them each night before sleeping. Look closely at the details, best without judgment, and hold the picture in your mind, for just a minute. Spiritual beings will take it up through the night and in the morning (or in a few days) they will bring you an insight about how to penetrate even the most difficult problems.

7. In any case, take this opportunity to cultivate your relationship to ideals that engage eros behind them. Those imaginations will focus your desire – the restless eros of this time – in ways that will be healthy for you and for everyone else.

The Venus Eclipse of the Sun, 2012 is available on amazon & is also available as kindle download. It is well worth a read to understand the full implication of this event vs the supposed Galactic alignment of 21-12-12.

On 5 June at 5.00pm BST, I will be facilitating a special Venus Transit Sacred Heart Activation, amplified through the power of the diamond. We need as many as possible to join in holding powerful and positive thought forms to counter-balance the mass grid distortions over this time. Together we Can make a difference.

 This event will be a teleseminar and I am asking for a small amount to cover the hosting, recording and editing, as well as two very special Diamond Light Codes to support the process. Everyone who signs up will receive the original recording as well as the activation process itself edited with background music that can be used as an ongoing meditation.  

£15 (approx. $24 US)
I look forward to joining with you on Tuesday 5 June 
Diamond Love and Blessings always,
Julie x
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The 555 Sacred Portal and Activation (5 May 2012)

The 555 Activation that was shared by individuals around the world was truly a gift and a blessing for us all. The downloads and experiences of many participants was deep and profound and the energies/vibrations are now held in the recordings which are still available.  We have literally connected to the grids holding the codes of Christ consciousness that will continue to be realised for some time to come.

This short post is to provide you with some of the feedback already received and provide a forum for others to add their comments as they experience the process. The first one is a profound validation of the activation, which those who have participated will understand! We were well and truly guided!!

Blessings, Julie x


 A few years ago I had this profound dream which I didn’t really understand. I was standing on a miniature version of the Earth and it had all these criss cross light grids on it. I had hold of a large tube of light which connected these grids and …. looking down at the miniature Earth I could see myself and several others dotted over the Earth holding these tubes of light that connected to a grid.

The feelings I had with this dream were awesome but I didn’t understand it. I just thought it was something for the future and forgot about it.

It wasn’t until the moment you started guiding us through it that I understood and reconnected with that dream. Tears just flowed from my eyes though I wasn’t upset … I felt a huge surge of gratefulness and I remember thinking throughout the whole thing….awesome…….awesome…..  I was not in my body – it was like the deepest hypnotherapy feeling – AND I felt SOOOO connected to all that is and this picture of my dream kept coming back to me.

I feel jiggled and joggled, energised, empowered, connected, tired, buzzing, expanded, lighter ….Thank you for this experience. I KNOW I was meant to do this today (the first time I have ever done anything like this) and I really felt …. meant to be!”     Annie, UK


“Thanks Julie!  The call was a wonderful experience.  I’ve had so many realizations it’s amazing!!   Thanks for all that you do. :)    Love absolutely!”   Akilah, US


” WOW!   I’m in agreement with the other participant who said that she experienced things/events before you said it. That was truly amazing.  The effects of breaking through the matrix was totally breathe taking (the colors) WOW!  Although, I didn’t manage to complete the process my walk back to work was different.  I felt different, it looks like someone cleaned my window, like the slight fog was lifted.  Things are sharper/clearer now.

I went to bed last night with the intentions of waking up to complete the whole meditation.  When I looked at the time it was 1:11am in the sync with the time the recording ended.  So I knew right away that is why I was awakened.  I completed the meditation and the accepting of the blue, pink and all compassing white energy; lit my body on fire.  I had hot spots at the base my spine, the top head/brain and my feet.  My whole body has taken a deep breathe and it has exhaled. I feel wonderful… 

I am so grateful that you got the message to do this.  I was drawn to this call because I kept seeing 555 prior to you announcing the portal day and also my birthday consist of three 5′s.  Thank you Julie for your work, you and the JEWEL Network is a blessing to me and I know many more.  Thank you again”       Dara, US


” This was a rare experience for me. I joined the conference about 10 min late, just in time to begin the activation with you. After I linked with everyone, the Core of Earth and my Heaven Star, I moved into a very deep Delta brain state. When I returned to full awareness you were thanking all of us for participating.

I felt wonderful after the transmission, but was not conscious of the process…that’s different for me.  Thanks so much for the experience and I know deep, deep alignments have occurred. I am aware that a REAL shift has occurred at some level within my fields, I’m just not conscious of the effect(s) yet”    J.P., US


“I don’t know quite how to put in words what today felt like, it was exquisite.  Thank you for leading us with your gentle spirit through this powerful, loving activation.  For some reason, Skype disconnected me twice!  The first was just as you finished your introduction, then later as you guided us up through to beyond the breakthrough (which brought up deep emotion.)  I remember hearing you say, I will leave you hear for a few minutes…all those beings of light.  Just beautiful, it was 12:55 here in Canada when I came back to the room and realized I was disconnected again.  Not knowing how or what time the call was finished, I needed to remain connected with everyone energetically.  The energies must have been incredibly powerful, because that did not happen on Nov 11, 2011.

This morning, I went online to ask for a message from the Angels for today. The one that showed up, was ”Christos.” !  What an honor to be with you and everyone today.  I went out later, leaned up against a tree and gave thanks to our Mother Earth.   Thank you so much again”  Lori, Canada


” Thank you for this powerful and beautiful 555 Diamond light code transmission. I went so deep during it and was surprised to see it was gone 7pm my time – it only felt like about 20 minutes. I was aware mostly of all the beautiful colours and

mostly towards the end the intense Christed light energy shining down and feeling warm over High Heart – thymus and Heart centres”   Pamela, Germany


” Today was like super charged and zipped. Where do I start? I sneezed as you started the meditation. Then I know somewhere at the beginning I was lost and then all of a sudden I came back like a lightening rod.  When I received the first blue light that was amazing & with the pink one I can only describe it that there was a few things happening all over my body not in discomfort or anything but what i can describe it as like upgrades to areas of my body that are not energetically working if that makes any sense.

I felt tingling all over -It was just amazing from reds, oranges and purples. Purple seem to be the colour.  I have gone through a tough few weeks and this was what the doctor ordered.   The brave new world is beckoning us .. Thanks Julie absolutely loved it”    R.M, UK


“Thank you, Julie, for a most amazing meditation this morning (my time, 9:00 a.m.) This is part of the work I came to do and your beautiful words and directions were just wonderful…I feel very blessed to have made the decision to participate, even though I had to rush into another event a half hour later! Was definitely worth it!  In Light, Love and Unity”   Marlene, USA


“Thank you, Thank You!  The 555 Teleseminar was extremely powerful and I received a lot of information through it”  Lillian, USA


“I am a newcomer to the diamond light world, which was introduced to me by a friend. Yesterday’s 555 teleseminar was the first time I have ever participated in anything like that. Not really knowing what to expect or what was going to happen, I was initially a little unsure what I should do. However I focused on your voice and was able to join in the meditation. In fact when you told us we were being presented with the third sphere, I already knew it was coloured white before you said so. When you brought our focus back to “the here and now”, I was surprised to see how long the meditation has lasted. As soon as people started to say goodbye and end their connection to the seminar, I began to feel cold because the energy level was dropping. I made a hot drink and spent a quiet evening really doing very little. I think my body was and still is absorbing the information it received during the meditation.

Thank you for allowing me to involved yesterday. I am very glad I took part. I don’t know what the future holds for the planet but I feel sure that what we all were part of yesterday will continue to have a positive effect on all of us”   Ruth, UK


” Wow Julie! That was amazing! I feel there is so much more to come from it as I continue to work with it. I am left with a feeling of almost nervous excitement. This was something I knew I had to do.  I was not able to listen to the live call so I have just finished listening to the recording. As I started listening I glanced at the clock on my computer which read 14:14 – confirmation that I am meant to be in on this and ‘The Earth’s Cosmic Substance’ was the energy we brought down into the Earth.     Thank you Julie!”  Barbara, UK


“What can I say, today was amazing!! Truely amazing, my body was vibrating from about 4pm and during the whole meditation I was seeing images of faces, from the beginning i could see a diamond bigger than my house and the house was in it. Awesome xxxx I love you”   Jacqui, UK


“Julie, words alone don’t do justice to what has just taken place! It was wonderful – thank you so much you beautiful diamond! All our love”   L & D, UK  


The 555 Activation meditation & teleseminar (approx 1 hr and 10 minutes), can be used on an ongoing basis to access the energy that has been made available through the opening of this portal. There are two more 555 opportunities during May – on the 14th and the 23rd where we have the opportunity to build on what has been delivered. You can purchase the activation and receive your own copy of the Diamond Light Code that was used at

Thank you to all the wonderful souls who participated in the anchoring of this powerful energy!

Julie x

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2012 Time Fields


As Received By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan 

What was taken for granted is challenged non-stop, what you know to be truth is challenged, what you believe in your heart is challenged.  The body has received so many mixed signals, it feels like a long island ice tea. All of humanity is in overload. All circuits are in busy.  Senses are so overworked  they are taking a leave of absence which creates that fuzzy disconnected feeling. Earth is at an intersection of time with no clear directions.  The playing field of earth is being changed forever. It is becoming a clearing house of light and information for all Universes. We are traveling in and out of time sequences, past present and future, no longer are we anchored and docked in 3-D. The time fluctuations are accelerated when the sun shakes her golden locks and her explosive nature is seen  by all who are brave enough to look. We are being escorted into different time portals of experience and this will continue in a dramatic fashion for the next several years.

Father Time makes Himself known again rerouting the very best of intentions, sidestepping the 24 hr day and running us around in circles. Time as we know it cannot be forced into pigeon holes nor trained to do our bidding.  Time has grown its own wings and takes flight into previously unknown patterns, reconstructing the highways and byways of what was. The sextants of humanities DNA demand that it fly in a direction that brings a quickening. Do not take for granted what is etched in sand on the hourglass of time. For what once was instructed and carved in stone has shifted in context.  The timelines cannot be tamed nor ridden into submission.

Earth is experiencing a Timestorm which is one of the side effects of disrupting the flow of time itself, caused by something altering the timestream. When a wormhole travels close enough to a star during a Solar flare, its timepath may be altered.  A side effect of this is Time Dilation. Time Dilation slows down or advances the speed of time, reversing time in a localized field.  Time is only altered within that field and not throughout the entire universe. This can slow down the progression of time to the point that one year would equal a thousand years outside the field. If we all think time has sped up and slowed down simultaneously this is the reason.

Solar cycles always play an important part in the ungradement of human consciousness. Solar activity is a catalyst for our evolutionary process. Solar light stimulates change in matter, energy, and consciousness. It pushes us into a higher position of knowing and the ability to integrate and use that knowledge for the betterment of all Universes. Evolutionary change is Sun driven. New energy is coming from deep space via this Solar portal.

Our Sun as the pulsing heart of this solar system, sends a twelve-faceted geometric light into every atom of its solar universe. The Sun is a portal which streams information in the form of light from other light/solar systems and worlds beyond ours.  It is a storehouse of vital energies and is considered to be the Great Heart. 

Stars like our sun are the visible raiment’s of celestial beings. Their inner aspects are invisible, just like ours. The sun is simply the heart and brain of our little Universe, The mighty heart of the solar system beats to a different drum disrupting and erupting time at any given moment. With each beat, the sun expels its accumulated light and energy through sunspots projecting to the remotest corners of the solar system. The sun feeds its family: just as the heart feeds the body.

Earth and all her inhabitants are living receivers and transmitters. Solar flares affect the Central Nervous System all brain activity (including equilibrium), and all human and animal behavior. Solar flares can cause us to be nervous, anxious, worrisome, jittery, irritable, and lethargic, have short-term memory loss, lose time, feel nauseous, headaches, trouble with all forms of communication–both human and technological. Solar activity illuminates consciousness causing old patterns to be consumed in Light, just like a phoenix  making way for the new prototype.

The very word time is a 911 vibration that leads itself full circle into a multilayered learning. When face to face with itself time escorts itself into the sacred portal of 11. Eleven is  the number of masters. It is an encoded molecular structure of Remembrance that seeks to be found. it is a doorway or gateway into your highest potential as a human who is seeking divine memory. letting go of man-made and coming into Christed Creation. Doorways open and close and you are in-between all. The ‘one’ seeks itself through mirror like reflection of the world around it.

 written by Gillian MacBeth Louthan,

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Note from Julie (

I have a series of very special 11:11 gateway meditations available on my website which can be used during this year of transition and energetic intensity. Each meditation is designed to both awaken and strengthen various attributes to assist us with the shifting platform of time and space. Visit  to purchase the mp3′s.  

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All Aboard? Last Call to LOVE! by Lauren C.Gorgo

Note : Lauren Gorgo often has very pertinent information relevant to our spiritual growth and evolution. This December post is highly relevant as we move gracefully (hopefully) into 2012. Enjoy Lauren’s offering and straight talking wisdom! Julie

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“The earth that you once knew is no longer…there is a new vibrational pattern that has permeated the blueprint of the planet and you now exist as members of the galactic community, cousins to the enlightened citizens of your galaxy.” -Pleiadian High Council

The New Earth

In just a couple more days, thru the solstice on 12/22, we will have completed the last and final recalibration of 2011, and according to the PHC, this completes our journey to new earth.  We may not have a full understanding of what this means for each of us individually yet, and most of us are still too weary to go searching, but I am hearing that the profound realignment that took place over the last several weeks was required to fortify ourselves with LOVE so that we are fully anchored in christed-consciousness for the global restructuring that will take place this coming year as a result of our arriving here.  And it promises to be another big year in the sense that the physical restructuring and transformations of 2012 are inevitable, and will serve their purpose to effectively shift the human collective to the HEART of all matters and open all pathways to LOVE.

This will mean many different things to many different people but above all else, the PHC wish to allay any fears of 2012 calamity and remind everyone that ascension is an inward journey where our outer world is merely a projection of our own consciousness, and that our individual part in the collective experience of earth is vital right now.  Each of us holds a piece to this universal puzzle, and so each of us has a major role to play in raising our own vibration, increasing our LOVE quotient, so that collectively we can increase the vibration of the planet and participate in the wonders of the new world.

(NOTE: There are a lot of fear-based-energies circling the planet with regard to this coming year and all the prophecies, predictions, & intentional programming designed to thwart our inevitable arrival into 5D, so it is important to stay connected to LOVE thru the holiday season and just allow those energies to be if you feel them.  If your sensitive, you may be feeling a sense of impending doom, or just an unidentifiable anxiety looming over you.  This will pass shortly, but even quicker if we remain detached and merely observe the collective energies in motion.)

In 2012 we will be learning that LOVE is all we need… but not in a lyrical way, in a very vibrational way.  When we make this profound shift, LOVE literally becomes the animating force of life…the fuel for our creations, our biology, our relationships.  When LOVE is fully woven into the tapestry of our lives, miracles become the very fabric of our existence.

LOVE, not 2012, is what we have all been gutted primed for… 

Source Code Revealed

There is a very scientific aspect of ascension that is beginning to permeate more of the collective mind with regard to resonance, and those at the forefront of a new-humanity know this intimately.  Those souls who are ushering in the new world are beginning to sing to a different tune.  Literally.  The new (angelic) human is attuned to the 528 Hz resonance of the sacred (high) heart which resonates in harmony with the crystalline (christ) grid.

The 528 Hz vibration of LOVE is the Source Code of creation…THE universal key required to unlock our co-creative potential, to free ourselves from bondage and enter the playground of new earth.  This code acts as a vibrational buffer to ensure that the sacred powers of the universe are only bestowed upon those of pure heart.

For those of you who saw Christopher Nolan’s Inception, there is literal truth in the many layers of symbology in that film.  The most obvious in this case being the mathematical code “528″ that is repeated over and again throughout the movie…a phone number, on a napkin, the hotel room…but the most interesting is that the number 528 was in the actual vault combination to “unlock” the safe which contained the secret to the cathartic relief of emotional suffering….and all of which was driven by the “heart” of the main character to return “home” to his children where his LOVE is.

It took me a couple months to connect all the dots, and some of you may have figured it out long before me, but I realized (in retrospect) that the last several energy updates were leading to this revelation and that each title I was given was very telling…even obnoxiously so… beginning with: “Inception: the final initiation”, “11-11-11: Source Code Activation”, and all the way to “The Arrival of Universal LOVE”.  

In other words, as we cross the threshold into 2012 we are literally waking from the dream, from the illusion of limitation. The resonance of universal LOVE that we are required to embody unlocks the proverbial gates of heaven so we are no longer trapped within the making of our unconsciously-created & holographically projected world of fear…those fears that have been providing us with ample “proof” that we are not good enough, worthy enough, loved enough, well enough, or just plain: not enough.

So what’s most pressing in this moment, before we step into completely uncharted territory, is the observation/release of anything remaining in our mental, emotional or physical selves that is based in fear and therefore holding us back from the embodiment of LOVE. Whatever wounds you are revisiting right now, its important (but not easy) to view as objectively as possible and with the (light) understanding that we don’t have to drag this baggage around any longer…that a clean slate is not only a possibility now, but a requirement.

“The new blueprint of earth requires LOVE now more than ever, and for those who hear the call, the impacts will be greatly lessened.  For those who refuse the call, the impacts will be greater.  We say this not to elicit fear, but to remind each of you that true healing is possible now but requires the firm commitment to release all that is not LOVE. For those who have been dedicated to the work of releasing these patterns of fear, unprecedented openings are before you. “ -PHC

Wave of LOVE

This wave of LOVE that the unseens are forever telling me about and that always seems just slightly out of our reach must be a really big deal because they are not only asking me to emphasize and repeat the word LOVE a trillion times in this article, but they are asking me to dedicate this section to it (& to leave my 2 cents out).  Also, my personal experience with the Pleiadians is that whenever the council shows up, it’s time to pay attention.. their austere mannerisms seem to seriously mean bizzness:

“The incoming wave of LOVE is pervasive and unstoppable. It is lifting you to heights unknown.  We will say this…you are not only going to be delighted at what you have created for yourselves, in that the universe multiplies & returns your LOVE-based efforts 10 fold…but you will be in awe of your own personal dedication to this journey.  You will be swept up in the throes of self-love like never before, for you will realize, maybe even for the first time, how much LOVE was really required on your part to arrive here.

We understand your contempt, but can’t emphasize this enough.  Considering the circumstances, the fact that each of you will feel the absolute warmth and glow of creator’s LOVE touch your hearts and lives is nothing short of miraculous, and this holiday season we wish for you to bask in the knowing that it is you who brought forth these energies…and, collectively, it is you who delivered the world from evil…and it is you who responded to creators call to come forth and in some cases, to incarnate in human flesh for the first time, just to see your missions through.  These grand missions of LOVE are not by accident or default, but by the compassionate grace of GOD that lives within each and every one of you and desires for nothing but the purity of LOVE for all. 

We, the Pleiadian Light Family, are filled with the same LOVE for all of you, our human family, our galactic kin, and deeply we appreciate and honor your contribution to the collective journey of earth’s ascension.  You are soon to be taken back by the full breadth of this truth, for when see and feel LOVE from our vantage point, undoubtedly you will be transformed.”  -PHC


The 12:12 stargate that we recently passed thru…seemingly unfazed…was a time of completion.  According to the PHC, the 12:12 activated/imprinted the final encodement required to make the shift into unity, or christed-consciousness for those at the helm.

“Now, we say this with great care, for we realize that there are those who are not yet operating on the unity timeline, but for those who are, this is a marker point, a time of solidifying the results from your grand efforts.”  -PHC

The 12:12 gateway (and the energy leading up to it) was at least partly responsible for this latest round of emotional debris that has been kicked up to be expunged from deep within our core. Kind of like a last-ditch effort to resolve all fear-based (e)goo matters that we have been working on throughout 2011.

No doubt, we are all being revisiting by our ghosts of (Christmas) past, and in some cases…depending on the density still remaining in our lives…this has been a time of some really impacting, life-changing revelations.  These things that are rushing to the surface for our attention can seem daunting/terrifying at first glance, but this urgency/intensity is just the answer to a universal clarion call to whole-heart-edly illuminate every corner of our lives and bodies so that by the time the solstice rolls around we can lock into position for 2012, and begin again….in an entirely new cycle, with a new life and in brand new world of our making.

This is not to say that what comes up at this time will simply vanish, just that we are being gifted with the awareness of where LOVE is still needed in order to fully shift into our 12th dimensional blueprint bodies.  If these finalizing energies dropped a bomb on your life, realize that an explosion can serve two divine purposes…1) it will unmistakably, and without fail, bring our focus and attention to EXACTLY where its needed so that we can heal/release/restore whatever is calling us… and 2) it can serve to shift us, rather quickly, into the mental & emotional framework required to align with LOVE during this pivotal time. If you’ve experienced a jolt, realize that a jolt was needed, but that once you are aware of why, 75% of the work is already done.  The other 25% is in LOVing yourself back together.

“We would add that the 12:12 presented many of you with options to choose a new pathway, these options were presented as either revelations, or a call to action.  How you respond to these situations is what matters now, not in the resolving of them.” -PHC

So although there wasn’t as much fanfare around the 12:12 as the 11:11, the PHC say this passageway was nevertheless impacting because it opened the doorway to the 12th level of genetic activations, the finalization of the christed-template on the planet.

“We would say that these energies are coming to uplift humanity in certain sectors, and to equally dismantle corruption in others.  The way for each of you lies in the choices presented to  you now…how you choose will determine the path of your soul in the coming year. Choosing LOVE over fear is the only path to redemption.” -PHC

2012: Phase Two

“The coming calendar year, the greatly anticipated year of 2012, is a monumental breakthrough in what we term, planetary consciousness.  By this we mean that those who have laid the plan for a new earth have far exceeded our expectations.  Because of this, what is coming to pass is much grander, much more comprehensive and more delightful than even we imagined.”  -PHC

2012 is what the Pleiadians call the year of…drumroll please…LOVE!  Actually, they refer to it as the year of divine or universal love, but this is also the year we enter (on the solstice) into what they have termed “phase 2″ of ascension: the physicalization phase, and the implementation of the divine radiance of love.  This is the year when those who are here to serve the highest good for the planet and her people will be “coming out of hiding”…this group will wholly supported, protected & catapulted to positions of greater influence, whereas those who are self-serving will be called to divine-order.

This is the time/year/world/era we have been waiting/working so diligently for and the unseens share that all the many potentials that are arising revolve around LOVE as the driving force of creation in our new lives.  The new earth is here and LOVE is the only way to enter….LOVE is the key code that grants each of us access to the co-creational forces of the universe,  that which can only be accessed from the sacred space within our hearts.

In 2012, LOVE will finally become the predominant force on the planet and anything, anyone in opposition to LOVE will fall away.  No one, no thing is exempt.

“We have so much to share with regard to this upcoming year, but we will sum it up by saying that those who are aligned with LOVE will rise to meet LOVE in unprecedented ways.  In fact, the word LOVE itself will shift to something greater, for LOVE as you knew it will not compare to the LOVE that will to pump thru the heart of earth and humanity.  The lifeblood of Source will flood thru your rivers and veins and will  permeate every living thing with the radiance of divine LOVE, the sustenance for life on the new earth.” -PHC

Wishing each of you a holi-day season filled with LOVE and an effortless transition into 2012…

See you next year!


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Copyright © 2008-11. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely

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Barbara Hand Clow Astroflash 24 December 2011

Note : This is rather long to read through but an interesting update of astrological influences by Barbara Hand Clow. Divine guidance and spiritual evolution are the key! Julie

Capricorn New Moon: December 24, 2011 

1:06 PM EST; Washington, DC

The New Moon in Capricorn has arrived, the time to assess our fundamental goals, a time to deeply consider our priorities. This year has been a year of disorienting change, which is affecting everyone and everything in the world. During these last days of 2011, the North Korean dictator Kim Jong IL died, Typhoon Washi devastated the Philippines, and people in Russia are demonstrating against political oppression. What a memorable year this was that began, and ended, with stunning regime changes and natural disasters! Things have changed so fundamentally that many of us wonder if we really understand reality, and some feel like just doing a few simple things to be happy. Maybe we are realizing we don’t have to do everything in this one lifetime-because we have more to live? A new way of knowing-unity consciousness-is helping us to realize we’ve already experienced many things, so now it is time to make this life special. The Capricorn mode knows how to do this better than any other sign of the Zodiac.

Jupiter goes direct in 0 Taurus right on Christmas Day, following its retrograde journey ever since August 10. Noting the great reorganization of money triggered by the December Full Moon with Uranus direct, we can see that Jupiter in Taurus has really brought pressure for more equality in financial systems as the European financial crisis took center stage. We’ve had five months of the bankers and politicians moving money around to strengthen and stabilize weak parts of the systems. With Uranus direct in 0 Aries and beginning a new 84-year cycle, Jupiter direct in 0 Taurus provides the maximal level of solidity and integrity for these developments in world financial systems. Of course, these bold reorganizations may not hold, especially since the Federal Reserve, joined by six sovereign-nation banks, made the deal to hold interest rates down while Mercury was retrograde in early December. Still, the big move by the Fed to back foreign banks may end up being the beginning of new financial fairness in the world. We will probably know which way this will go by December 28 when the Sun conjuncts Pluto in 7 Capricorn.

Regardless of which way the world markets go, now that Jupiter and Uranus are direct, the game changers are actually the decisions being made by each one of us! Think about it. Have the roiling markets and banking gymnastics changed anything in your local world? Probably not, so now it is time to draw your attention to your own plans and priorities, which is the classical genius of Capricorn. After all, it is the dysfunctional and destructive systems of the last five thousand years that are passing away, not the collective reality created by your personal genius. Capricorn is a teacher of individuated power and wisdom, a stubborn goat who pushes you out of the collective mental fog and offers you a new path if you will just act. This year’s New Moon in Capricorn is an especially wonderful guide for adopting true individuality.

Since the December New Moon occurs only two days after the Solstice, I will not reanalyze all the resonating aspects between all the luminaries (except Mars). The Solstice reading will be posted until the Spring Equinox, and it will be a good idea to reread it a few times this winter because this is the kind of astrology that creates entirely new fractal fields, the essential creative domains that formulate our dimension. Since Mars has little influence during the winter season, nothing will stop this process. Mars is still unaspected during the New Moon, so we have plenty of time to find our own place within these new creative fields during this lunation. With Uranus newly direct in 0 Aries and starting a new 84-year creative agenda, we all have a clean slate-just like the moment a black board is erased with a warm, wet cloth. Martial aggressiveness is temporarily disarmed (Mars unaspected), and Jupiter direct in 0 Taurus confers excellent judgment that encourages us to follow the advice of truly wise, compassionate elders. It really is amazing how many despots and dictators disappeared from the collective scene during 2011, which means millions of individuals feel like they have a chance for a creative and free life! At this critical junction in world politics, like a gift from heaven, this New Moon is very personal and very self-enabling, but only if you can drop all fear about the crashing systems that surround you.

Many of you care about the financial collapse and the exposing of sexual abuse and the drugging of the populace, because it is exciting to see the truth being told! Are you surprised that almost all world leaders are such jackasses and fakes-since this is always the case during corrupt historical periods? Good men and women do not serve in public office within rotting and bloated empires. Are you really surprised the money is gone when most of the people you know have been in debt during most of their lives? Amazingly, these ways disappear when the fractal fields favor the individual right to happiness and freedom. This Capricorn New Moon is riddled with gems of wisdom and highly unusual guidance just when we each need it the most, so let’s see how this works.

The potential for effective deep change and completely new paths exists during this New Moon because Pluto in 7 Capricorn conjuncts the Sun/Moon in 3 Capricorn. Truth and avoidance of secrecy is the order of the day, and the aspects to Pluto/Sun/Moon (the Capricorn stellium) reveal how this game may play out: Saturn in 28 Libra sextiles the stellium, which causes people to fight for justice; Saturn relentlessly breaks down the crumbling structures of globalism. Neptune/Chiron sextile the stellium, so we are inspired to use healing intentions and spiritual guidance to clean out and eliminate these destructive former ways of life. This is critical because a significant transformation of our species is simply not even possible without divine guidance; this is a time to trust the wisdom of evolution.

The great gods must be with us with Jupiter in 0 Taurus going direct on Christmas Day while closely trining the Capricorn stellium. Jupiter retrograde exactly trined the Solstice Sun, so the arrival of the Moon to the Sun and Jupiter’s forward motion fully releases the potency of the Solstice. This ideal harmonic from Jupiter will flood you with gratitude for what you already have; there will be many wonderful stories of unity consciousness and greater equality among all the people this season. This is a time when some will take and some will give, and it is be a great moment to read the story of Christ multiplying the bread and wine during the marriage of Cana.

Uranus newly direct in 0 Aries functions like a dancing jester who distracts the “Blue Meanies” and lights up happy elves, children, and animals this holiday season. Uranus closely squares the stellium, so nothing can stop this wacky dance. This is a very important aspect because the most difficult phase of great change occurs when those in power decide they will fight it out to the bloody end. This factor will create some very funny fumbles among the Republican presidential candidates in the US as it experiences its final phase of empire. Since Uranus will exactly square Pluto seven times during 2012-15, we can be sure that the processes of change initiated during 2011 cannot be stopped. Yet, who will do it? It’s you! Uranus square the Sun/Moon means it is your time to select your new role in the great leap forward. I don’t mean to suggest you will join the Occupy Movement or need to do some big thing. Instead, what about fully occupying your own body by noticing an elderly neighbor in need, or a friend or child in distress?

Saturn in 28 Libra opposes Jupiter in 0 Taurus, and during this New Moon there is no planet forming a T-square to the opposition, as there was during the Sagittarius New Moon and the Winter Solstice. This means Saturn and Jupiter are free to duke it out with no interference, which should create some really interesting things. Saturn in Libra is the struggle for justice and Jupiter in Taurus teaches us to manifest things, and because Jupiter is newly direct, it predominates. In opposition, the highest and lowest potential of each planet comes out, so this is where individual choice comes in. The stress between total truth and fairness and the need to be comfortable can function in a range from a leering snake-oil salesman to a judge who handles a case so magnificently that both the victim and victimizer feel fairly treated. Each one of us has various dilemmas and responsibilities, and this opposition will play out through these parts of our lives. Jupiter is moving forward and Saturn will make it to 29 Libra before it retrogrades in February 2012. So, use this last “push” by these levelers of material reality that first began activating us back in mid-August 2010.

Venus in 5 Aquarius, the planet that formed the head of the T-square to Jupiter opposite Saturn, plays a very interesting role during this New Moon. In the Solstice reading, I noted that Venus T-squaring Jupiter opposite Saturn pushed the struggle for grounding and fairness into the zone of the feminine. Now two days later, Venus has moved enough to separate from Saturn yet she still squares Jupiter. Hmmmmm! Venus will demand material support and not be so concerned about fairness, which could be interesting. Women will feel stressed, since squares on their own are very intense. With Venus sextile Uranus, the trickster may emerge when you least expect him. Maybe some of the women returning from serving in Iraq will speak out about the futility of war? Lastly, Mercury went direct December 13 at 4 Sagittarius, and now the messenger is conjunct the lunar North Node in 14 Sagittarius. The North Node identifies our quest, which in this case is for truth and spirituality, so intelligence is added to the mix of following divine paths. During this great transformation, divine guidance will be leading the way, so take time to tune in with spirit during the chaos that the Christmas holidays often create.

Farewell Astroflash! This is my last analysis and posting. I’ve loved sharing my thoughts with you for eleven years and I so much appreciate each one of you for tuning in. I may issue periodic statements on and on during 2012.

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Signs in the Skies!

I was sent some amazing photos taken by one of the diamondlightworld newsletter readers which shows a phenomenon in the sky that looks amazingly like one of the beautiful diamond light codes. The particular diamond light code is what I call “Resolving Duality”.

The photos were taken by a beautiful soul, Denise Godber on October 13th, which was about 2 months after I had given the Resolving Duality Light Code out as a gift to my newsletter subscribers. The Diamond Light Codes are geometric forms that represent actual living consciousness, and the particular qualities that this Light Code brings to us are :

 -          Merging Sacred Heart with lower (physical) heart

-          Moving beyond all duality & holding all in the perfect space of zero point

-          Recognising the perfection in all of life, even in chaos

-          The ability to bring love into all situations without judgement

I would say these are pretty appropriate qualities for us to embrace through  these chaotic times! What is interesting is that in the past few weeks I have seen a lot of highly energised activity by many of the Light Codes while I have been conducting Remote Alignments, so their activity is bringing in and activating the qualities they represent – to see these effects in the sky suggests that the collective grids of the planet are being infused with their amazing gifts and serving humanity’s evolution and awakening.

Denise’s wonderful images were taken from a beach close to her home in Italy and are published with permission. Thank you Denise for sharing these!!

Below are the images for you to enjoy….with love, Julie x


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The Diamond Light Grid on Camera!

I have another amazing photo which was sent to me by a ‘diamond’ soul in Israel, which shows the light emanations from the diamond light grid appearing in an aura image. This amazing picture was taken while Yael was simply playing around with an aura imaging app on her iphone!

What she found was that when she focussed on her diamond light grid energy body, these lines appeared in the picture & when she was not consciously engaged with it, they weren’t there. This was at an early stage of her working with the Diamond Development program, A Call to Presence and followed a series of 1-1 (remote) diamond alignment sessions with myself.

The more we develop our diamond light grid, the more stable, strong and ‘present’ it becomes as part of our subtle energy anatomy. A number of years ago, a friend of mine experienced a future life progression in which she saw that future generations actually had fully visible ‘diamond grid’ energy bodies -we are setting the templates for future generations to access this amazing vehicle for the soul.

Very early on in my journey with the diamond, I was also told that the “Diamond Light Grid is the vehicle for the Light Codes”, and the strengthening of the diamond grid of the planet as well as our own fields is enabling us to have greater access to the amazing new consciousness codes of light (see previous post).

Keep on tuning your diamonds everyone!

Love, Julie x

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